6–8 December 2019

Had the wonderful opportunity of serving as a judge for the VEX Robotics National Tournament which took place in Adelaide. Vex Robotics National Tournament

26–27 November 2019

Organised a workshop A guided tour of Practical Data Science with R which was deliverd by Prof. Ernest Fokoué from the Rochester Institute of Technology. The workshop introduced fundamental statistical concepts and techniques that ubiquitously permeate Statistical Machine Learning, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. Guided Tour of Data Science 2019

22 November 2019

Presented a talk for the University of South Australia's Early Career Research Network. The presentation was pitched at fellow scientists who want to develop an intuitive understanding of the core concepts that underpin machine learning. ECR 2019

15 November 2019

Contributed to a technology news article written by Nahum Gale on How CAPTCHA tests are helping driverless cars. CAPTCHA Tests help driverless cars

29 October 2019

Delivered a workshop on How can you prepare your business for transformation in the age of data analytics, automation and robotics? at the "International Mining and Resources Conference" (IMARC). IMARC 2019

27 August 2019

Presented an overview of applied machine learning to the HR Committee of the Member’s Health Fund Alliance

3 August 2019

Appeared on the Scope TV show speaking about my research on managing chronic wounds using machine learning and computer vision technology. You can watch the segment here. This work is based on my collaboration with LBT Innovations.

Industry Capability Network 2019 (1)

6 June 2019

Gave a talk on The case for incorporating prediction machines in manufacturing for the Industry Capability Network as part of their "Disruptive Technologies Seminar".

Industry Capability Network 2019 (1)

21 May 2019

Ran a workshop on Machine learning: what does that actually mean for a METS business? for METS Ignited at "Austmine 2019 Mining Innovation Conference & Exhibition".

Austmine 2019 (1)

10 April 2019

Delivered a workshop on Machine learning for CEOs for the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science.

ML CEOs (1)

17 January 2019

Supervised a fantastic group of undergraduate students for a six week long Adelaide Summer Scholarship Program. We worked on a new free and open-source Julia package for analyzing images and automatically binarizing them into background and foreground. The code and documentation for the package can be accessed here

Summer Scholarship 2019

17 September 2018

Delivered a plenary talk at the International Conference on Computer Vision and Graphics 2018 in Warsaw, Poland. I spoke about my recent work with Wojciech Chojnacki on A Comprehensive Image Formation Model as a Tool for Parameter Estimation at the Limits of Resolution.

ML CEOs (1)

23 August 2018

Served as a panelist for the launch of the Adelaide Artificial Intelligence Meetup with Dr John Flackett and Erin Fitzgerald.

ML CEOs (1)

12 July 2018

Served as a panelist on the Adelaide Festival of Ideas with Prof Steven Graves and Prof Stephen McDonald. The session was chaired by Jane Mussared and we discussed "Can big data help you age well?".

ML CEOs (1)

15 March 2018

Served as a panelist on the Artifical Intelligence Update with Dr John Flackett and Dr Michelle Perugini. The session was chaired by Kirk Drage on behalf of the Adelaide Smart City initiative.

ML CEOs (1)