Consulting Engagements

Robinson Institute

I am collaborating with an interdisciplinary team on a software platform for diagnosing endometriosis from ultrasound and MRI imagery.

Navi Technologies

I help Navi technologies make vital decisions in their use of AI technology as they develop a new product for placing central lines in critically ill newborns.

Riverland Wine

I am working with an interdisciplinary team on a machine vision platform which monitors vineyards and helps farmers cut costs by turning data into informed decisions.

Acacia Systems

I co-authored a grant for a project whose aim is to develop deep learning techniques for detection and recognition of rarely-seen submarines in Australia’s Future Submarine project.

Planet Innovation / LBT Innovations

I supported Planet Innovation in the compilation of a systematic review of OEM optical technologies capable of taking depth measurements.

Department of the Premier and Cabinet

I helped establish a Living Laboratory at the Tonsley Innvoation Precinct for the "Global Center for Modern Aging" by scoping, specifying and validating a comprehensive camera, video and data recording system.

Institute for Photonics and Advanced Sensing

I instructed a PhD candidate at the institute on machine learning techniques for alpha particle detection of radioactivity in mineral ores.

LBT Innovations

I was solely responsible for conceiving and developing an innovative hand-held wound assessment device that can categorise different wound tissue types and also report metric information such as the volume, area, and depth of the wound.

Motor Accident Commission

I prototyped a computer vision system capable of counting cyclists and measuring their visibility.