Nowadays I do all of my new software development in the fantastic programming language Julia. I am a member of the Julia Images organisation—an organisation that maintains numerous free and open-source Julia image processing packages.

I have twice served as a mentor for the Google Summer of Code program. Google Summer of Code is a global program where students work with an open source organization on a 3 month programming project during their break from school.

All of my code is hosted on my Github account.

Ellipse Fitting

I am in the process of reimplementing some of my previous work on ellipse fitting in Julia.

Click here for the original MATLAB implementation of:

Click here for the original MATLAB implementation of:

Multiple-view Geometry

I am developing a comprehensive Julia multiple-view geometry package which will be available soon. The package will also include implementations of my published algorithms.

Click here for the MATLAB implementation of:

Image Processing

I have developed or co-developed several free and open-source Julia Image Processing packages.

Image Binarization

The ImageBinarization.jl package contains numerous algorithms for analyzing images and automatically binarizing them into background and foreground.

Image Contrast Adjustment

The ImageContrastAdjustment.jl package contains several methods for enhancing and manipulating image contrast. It includes, for example, histogram equalization, gamma correction and contrast stretching.